Aluminium Roof Ladders (Straight Type)

– With ridge hook and crawler wheels
– BS.EN131
– Straight Type
– Carry Capacity 150kg

Product Details

Aluminium box section complete with Ridge Hook and Crawler Wheels

  • Other sizes can be manufactured on request

BS.EN131 Standard

The aluminium roof ladders (straight stype) is fitted in an aluminium box section complete with ridge hook and crawler wheels. As the ladder is aluminium it is light in weight. The wheels on the ladder make it easily manoeuvrable and avoid the damage of slates on the roof. The design of the hook allows it to securely grip the apex of the roofs on which it is being used.


  • Manufactured by the Market Leaders, Stradbally Ladders, who have a long and proud tradition in the design and manufacture of quality ladders.


Ref No: Extended Ht:
Rungs: Weight:
AR 17S 17’- 5.18”
18 10.50kg