Combination Ladders

 BS.EN131 Standard

  • High Quality Combination Ladder which can be used either as:
    • Step Ladder
    • Wall Ladder
    • Material: Aluminium
    • Clunky easy to adjust Self Locking hinges and adjustable height stoppers
    • Maximum Permissable loading: 150kg
    • Manufactured in Ireland by Stradbally Ladders
    • BS: EN131 1992
    • Next Day Delivery / Collection Available

Ref no:     Ladder height:     Step ladder height:

COMB03                 3.04m             0.91-1.5m

COMB04                 4.19m              1.21-2.00m

COMB05                 5.28m              1.49-2.56m

COMB06                 5.28m              1.60-2.90m

  • USES of a Combination Ladder

    This is a very sturdy and versatile ladder which makes it ideal for both:

    • DIY Enthusiasts
    • Tradesmen

    Uses include:

    • Ideal for getting ladder into houses with limited accessed e.g. mid terrace houses – bring ladder to desired location and extend.
    • It can be used to access high up shelves
    • When doing home improvement wall papering or painting
    • Accessing attic space
    • Cleaning gutters
    • Access area above steps or uneven surface as the length of either side of the ladder can be adjusted independently

    ADVANTAGES of a Combination Ladder

    • The sheer versatility of this ladder makes it an ideal one-size-fits-all ladder – which saves on both money and storage space.
    • Extremely safe and stable ladder to work on due its robust design and extra wide (60cm) base
    • Manufactured by the Market Leaders, Stradbally Ladders, who have a long and proud tradition in the design and manufacture of quality ladders and whose customers include Eircom, ESB etc
    • Aluminium makes them light weight
    • It folds into a compact ladder that is easy to store
    • Rubber base prevents the ladder slipping or marking work surface
    • Variable leg length design means it can be used safely on uneven ground
    • The safest & best Combination ladder on the market

    DISADVANTAGES of a Combination Ladder

    • More expensive and heavier than a conventional Step ladder
    • Has not got the same height range of an extension ladder

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