Double Aluminum Ladder

BS.EN131 Standard Carry Capacity 150kg

The double extension ladder is fitted with wide slip-resistant D-shaped rungs for security, comfort and safety with ribbed feet for extra grip and auto locking clips which hold the sections securely when being climbed.  This triple extension ladder is great for reaching those extra high areas.  This ladder is suitable for industrial use.

Crawler wheels and suction cups can be fitted for an extra fee.

Ref:        Closed            Open         Weight:

                Height:         Height:  

AE11      2.13m           3.35m             6.75kg

AE14      2.48m           4.27m             8.00kg

AE17      2.95m           5.18m            10.00kg

AE20     3.51m            6.10m            10.25kg

AE22      3.74m           6.71m            13.00kg

AE24      4.06m           7.32m            16.50kg

AE26      4.34m           7.92m             18.00kg

AE28      4.57m           8.53m             22.00kg

AE30      4.98m           9.14m              24.00kg







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