Fixed Height Aluminium Podium Box Section

– BS EN 131
– Carry Capacity 150kg
– Fixed height
– 360 degrees
– Safety Guard HandRail

Product Details:

The fixed height podium ladders are a high quality working platform. These podiums are designed for one man operation. These podiums are fitted with a large platform with a toe board for convenience and safety. These are fitted with a safety guard hand rail on all sides, 360 degrees.

These podium ladders are safe, stable and suitable for all site work and maintenance work. They have been designed so that they fold flat and can be stored in small areas, they will pass through a standard doorway and can be transported on a car roof rack.


Code No. of Steps: Platform Height
PODA02 2 Step 0.55m
PODA03 3 Step 0.80m
PODA04 4 Step 1.05m
PODA05 5 Step 1.27m
PODA06 6 Step 1.54m
PODA07 7 Step 1.85m